You can support Wyatt’s Wish by monetary donation or by purchasing items in our online store!  We also have different fundraisers throughout the year which is another way you can help!  Proceeds from money raised is split between SMA research (for a cure/treatment) and for providing bubble masks.  SMA is said to be the #1 genetic disease closest to a cure!  We hope you will help us so that one day we can say “SMA has a cure!!!”  YOU can be the change- YOU can make a difference!

Wyatt's Wish donates their research money through Families of SMA.  FSMA is a wonderful organization that is family focused and provides so many different things for those affected by SMA as well as their family.  They also have a whole team of SMA specialists that discuss the most current happenings from research aspect and from their decide where their funds will go.  The money is then split and goes towards the most promising research and trials that are being done.  We are proud to give our research portion to such an incredible organization!