We started Wyatt’s Wish to help other families with the purchasing of the bubble mask for their SMA baby.  The bubble mask is only available in Canada and is not FDA approved (nothing wrong with it- the US just didn’t think the demand would be there for this product), so insurance will not cover it.  This mask not only fits babies when other masks are too big- it also is known for not causing pressure sores or skin breakdown which is a really big deal!  We are happy to "pay it forward" and help other families as we have been (and continue to be) incredibly blessed by others. 


Wyatt’s Wish Kids


"In a good day, Alanis spends an average of 14 hours wearing a mask that helps her breath. When she’s sick she uses it continuously 24 hours a day. It is by all means crucial to have a good mask. There aren’t that many masks for babies and the one we got initially would make sore spots on her forehead and nose. It was difficult for her to adjust to use it. That’s when we applied to get a bubble mask from the Wyatt’s Wish foundation. Ever since we received it, that’s the mask Alanis uses and she has adapted very well. She learned that the mask helps her and she enjoys all her regular activities with it. We’re very thankful to Wyatt’s Wish for helping Alanis breath better!"


"McKenna is 2 years old and finding a mask that properly fits has been very challenging. When we discovered the bubble mask we found the perfect mask for our little fighter. We love the bubble mask, but sadly the bubble mask is only available out of pocket, having a special needs child can be very expensive, so having the mask donated has been extremely helpful."


"Since receiving the generous donation of a bubble mask Roman's quality of sleep has vastly improved. Not only that the mask is comfortable and doesn't leave marks on his face. The design also allows him to see his environment around him while wearing it."


"Thank you again for Reagan's new mask. It fits her face much better and allows and unobstructed view of the Little Mermaid, her favorite movie.

We are sincerely grateful for the assistance."


"We have no words to describe how grateful we are with Hector's mask.  Thanks God after 18 day fighting in the Hospital, we beat Pneumonia and finally yesterday we go back home.  It was very tough, but we will never give up!

The mask helped us tremendously too as you said.  Hector will be 9 months old next week and it is the perfect gift.

Thank you very much once again.  As I said to Victoria Strong, it's amazing how you help others and how you make things happen.  We really appreciate your kindness and we are in debt with you guys!  And if there is anything we can do for you, just ask. We are in the same team fighting SMA.  I wish the best for you and your family, especially for Wyatt. You stay in our prayers.

God bless you."

To apply for a bubble mask for your child, please fill out our online application.