Welcome to the brand new Wyatt's Wish website and blog!

We are SO excited to release our new website as well as our entire new brand!  We are looking forward to the many places we know that this new look will take Wyatt's Wish!  With the new website, there are many added features and the site itself should be much easier to navigate as it is very user friendly!  You will also be able to easily access the site on your phone and can also fill out and submit the bubble mask application.  We will forever be grateful to Becky at RP Design who so generously partnered with us to give our branding a complete overhaul.  I cannot say enough good things about Becky.  She is incredibly talented and a joy to work with and I am happy to say that we gained much more than a new branding package, we also gained a friend!  So, we hope that you all enjoy the new site as well as the new look and we encourage you guys to share the page with others so that they can learn more about Wyatt's Wish, too!