1 in 40 people are carriers of SMA.
That means that with roughly 7 billion in the world there are approximately 175,000,000 carriers across the globe. 


We want to HELP:

When we were in the hospital and having trouble getting Wyatt extubated, one of our biggest issues was finding a mask for the BiPap that fit his little face.  There were masks available for children and masks available for neonates, but there were no masks available for babies his size.  Unfortunately because of the mask issue Wyatt had to be re-intubated.  Dr. Schroth along with many other SMA families suggested we try the ResMed Infant Bubble Mask, which is only available in Canada.  We called and had the mask sent right away.  It was the perfect fit for our little one and it allowed him a smooth extubation and has done well for him ever since.   

Since Wyatt's diagnosis, we have seen and heard of several other families with small babies who were also diagnosed with SMA struggling with this same issue.  As part of Wyatt's Wish, we would like to purchase and supply those who are in NEED with one of these masks.  We feel that this is a way Wyatt can help others, just as so many have helped us.  If your child needs a bubble mask, please contact us and we will start the ordering process!  All we ask is that if the mask doesn't fit or work for your child that you send it back to us so that we can pass it along to someone who can use it. ​​​​​​ ​​​